Reasons students raise money for Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Julia Hingorani

It was a Friday morning, 65 degrees and sunny. Hundreds of Marian girls paraded the streets. Why was this happening? One thing: Walk-A-Thon. WAT is a fundraiser where Marian girls raise money for their school over the course of four weeks in September.

The reasons for raising about $125,000 support the funding of Marian’s basic operations, such as financial aid. “I think it is important for our classes to come together and compete for the good of Marian and to raise money for the school. Specifically, I think it should go for financial aid and programs for students,” said Marian teacher Ms. Halli Tripe. Tripe is correct in thinking that the money raised goes towards financial aid.

Junior Jorden Paule said, “To help our school and class with maintenance, technology, and tuition assistance.”

For each individual class, an ultimate goal is to win Walk-A-Thon so they can have first pick at Color Block which can help them reach their goal of winning Field Day.


Sophomores walk their WAT route in red shirts

Other class incentives this year include winning a free breakfast from Student Board for the entire class and free dress for a week. Class incentives added to this year’s prizes include the chance for being the first class dismissed to walk a given route and to choose the color of their Walk-A-Thon shirt.

Individual student incentives include open lunch for a week, open campus for a week, a free day, open study hall, senior privilege or entrance into a drawing for Kate Spade bags. These prizes motivated students to raise money. “Who doesn’t feel motivated by a free day and free stuff?” Paule asked.

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