Servants of Mary Know WAT is Up

By J1 Reporter, Julia Veik

The Servants of Mary founded the school so they are the source of history at Marian. One would think they’ve been involved in the school’s largest fundraiser Walk-A-Thon (WAT), right? Not exactly. The Servants of Mary are not as involved in WAT and other fundraisers as they would like to be.

According to the Sisters’ representative in campus ministry, Sister Jackie Thorn, the Sisters were able to actively participate in WAT this year. This was because they were given a schedule of WAT events and the official day of WAT event a few weeks before it occurred.

Sister Jackie said that the sisters are happy to give if asked and are willing to support the Marian students. “The Sisters would have been more involved before if they had been better informed,” she said.

In this year’s WAT event the Sisters helped by handing out water bottles, seeing off the separate classes, and greeting students when they finished their designated walks. The Sisters were able to be more involved in WAT this year than previous years because they were given a sign-up sheet for various tasks. The sheet was brought into existence to prompt the Sisters to be more involved in WAT.

Junior Rayna Bartling gratefully accepts a water bottle from one of the Servants of Mary. September 30, 2016

Another point Sister Jackie made was “the Sisters as a whole were impressed by the amount of money the students were able to raise this year. They were also happy to hear that some of the money raised will go toward scholarships for incoming students.” They seem glad that more girls will be given a chance to come to Marian and experience the loving community.

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