Student Board Completes Another Successful Walkathon

By J1 Reporter Delaney Kottke

Being the leader of the school isn’t the easiest thing to do. Student Board is in charge of making sure the school fundraiser Walk-A-Thon runs smoothly. Walk-A-Thon is something Marian girls take very seriously. According to Student Board Secretary, Senior Allison Morrissey, “Student Board members start working on WAT over the summer.”

The Vice President is the Walk-A-Thon chair and in charge of Walk-A-Thon. “The other Student Board members are there to help like sending out postcards and calling different businesses asking them to donate to WAT,” Morrissey said. The Student Board members also call business asking them to sponsor Marian’s Walk-A-Thon. The money the businesses donate goes to paying for the WAT T-shirt and raffle prizes

The Student Board Moderators Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Ashley Bauer are also very important people who help make Walk-A-Thon happen. The Bauers work with administration and the Vice President to make sure all that needs to happen happens. Morrissey said, “The Bauers rock and are in charge of making sure girls bring money, that we have a valid parade permit, and that the new system is understood.”


Mallory Grote receiving flowers for all her hard work putting Walk-A-Thon together as the Student Board Vice President.

Without all the Student Board members and moderators, Walk-A-Thon could not function. Lastly, during the collection dates of Walk-A-Thon all Student Board members are in charge of getting the class excited for Walk-A-Thon and gathering the envelopes

in homeroom. All Student Board members are there to help make sure Walk-A-Thon is successful.

Friday, Sept. 30 was the big day. Every class was eager to find out who won Walk-A-Thon and how much money was raised as a school. Everyone in the school gathered in the gym and patiently waited for the Vice President of Student Board Mallory Grote to announce the results. Finally, the results were announced and the Seniors had won WAT followed by the Juniors in second place, Sophomores in third and Freshmen in fourth.

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