Walk-A-Thon creates competition between classes

By J1 Reporter Audrey Hertel

Walk-A-Thon (WAT), Marian’s largest student-led fundraiser, has one main goal: raise money for the school. The money from WAT goes toward school maintenance, technology, and tuition assistance. The students could be motivated to raise money for everything that it does for the school, or they could be determined to raise money because of the ties it has to Color Block.


Juniors and Seniors at Marian High School celebrate their WAT success on Sept. 30. Both classes raised more than 100% of their goals.

Junior Megan Valenzuela says she was motivated to raise money for Color Block. “I was more motivated to raise money for Color Block because I want the best for my class.”

Color Block is the moment that each class chooses their colors and theme for Field Day. This is important to students because they want to have the best theme and colors as possible for the most sacred Marian tradition.

According to Marian yearbooks, the first time that WAT was related to Color Block was in 2004. In 2004, the results of Color Block were based upon the class that raised most money for WAT. The winners of WAT had first pick for their theme and colors.

After 2004, Color Block’s reliance on WAT was changed. Color Block became based upon a combination of the most B.O.S.S. (Building Our School Spirit activity) points, least disciplinary points, and most WAT money raised.

This year, WAT has a direct link to Color Block once again. Junior Rayna Bartling shared her thoughts on the link between Color Block and WAT. “I think the relationship between WAT and Color Block is what made WAT so competitive this year, and more competitive than in the past few years.” This could be due to the fact that the class that raises the most money for WAT has first pick of their theme and first color. The second color relies on discipline and B.O.S.S. points.

Each class, starting with the Seniors, will get to choose their colors and theme on March 17, 2017, when Color Block occurs.

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