Walk-A-Thon Keeps Tradition Through the Years

By J1 Reporter: Abby McLaughlin

One tradition that brings Marian girls together other than Field Day, is Walk-A-Thon, (WAT). This tradition started in 1985 when Student Board wanted another way to raise money other than selling candy bars and raffle tickets. The incentives have varied through the years but the reason to give has always been the same: give back to the school.

In 1985, the girls walked 6 miles. Compared to the 1-4 mile walk, this would be considered a hike. One thing that hasn’t changed is the cross-country girls leading the way.

Junior Kathryn Burbach, who has been running cross country since she was a freshman, said, “I knew that cross country started every year I’ve been doing it, but not before then, that’s so cool! I think it’s a fun tradition to be a part of because I love WAT and how the community comes together, but I also like doing something a little different which is running instead of actually walking the course.”

Junior Davine Francis and tennis coach Beth Dye running the course. Even though neither are cross-country runners, they still enjoyed the light run.

Being the only student-led fundraiser, coming together as a community is important. The 1986 all school goal was $24,000. This roughly was the amount of money that the sophomore class brought in this year. In 2015, the students brought in $159,000. This was the most money ever brought in for this fundraiser. This year students brought in $125,000, surpassing the all school goal of $90,000.

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