Marian celebrates Grandparents’ Day

By J1 Reporter Anna Kilzer

   It’s a day that Marian students anxiously await for months of the school year. From the day invitations are sent out until the day Marian welcomes more than 500 guests, Grandparents’ Day is one that causes excitement throughout the school.

   Students begin the day on Oct. 6 with a normal schedule, but are dismissed early from classes to meet their pre-registered grandparents in the gym. The gym is filled with chatter as the last few people arrive, and Mass starts shortly after everyone has taken their seats.

   For students with grandparents attending, the day is one to remember. “I loved the Mass and how it was organized and all the readings and music. My grandma especially loved how they sang in Spanish, too,” freshman Jayden Rocha said.

   There are also a variety of opportunities for those students who don’t have grandparents attending. From valet parking the grandparents’ cars to greeting all the grandparents at the door, every Marian student is able to be involved.

  “Even though I didn’t have a grandparent there, I enjoyed the event and I thought it was special to be able to see both generations at our school,” junior Jorden Paule said. Junior Lauren O’Leary, who volunteered to valet park the grandparents’ cars, said, “I thought it was super fun! It was nice seeing all of the appreciative grandparents and they kept saying how cool it was.”

  All students attend Mass, but those who do not have grandparents with them have usually watched a live stream of the Mass taking place in the gym. That has changed, with these students now having their own Mass in the Performing Arts Center. “I was surprised when I saw that we got to have our own Mass rather than watching the Mass in the gym,” Paule said.

  After Mass, students who had grandparents with them enjoyed coffee and pastries together.

   “I thought [the breakfast] was a fun time to really connect with your grandparents and to learn about your family history,” sophomore Carolyn Griffin said.

  “We had a little trouble finding a table for all of us because I have a grandparent in a wheelchair, but we did find one and my whole family really enjoyed the event!” Rocha said.

  Grandparents’ Day is one that students greatly cherish. Even if a student doesn’t have a grandparent who can attend, the day is one that all students love and that generations enjoy together.


Students celebrate Mass with their grandparents in Marian’s gym on Oct. 6. Both students and grandparents enjoy spending time together, and grandparents get to see what life is like for their granddaughters at Marian. Photo source: Marian Flickr

For additional photos of the event, check out Marian’s Flickr site

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