Prep raises money in a different way

by J1 Reporter Cammy Gregor

Schools in the metro area fundraise in a number of ways. Marian stacks up similarly to its neighbor school down 72nd Street, Creighton Prep.

On Friday, Sept. 30 nearly 700 girls sat waiting patiently for the results of one of their annual fundraisers, Walk-A-Thon (WAT.)  With an Olympic theme, Student Board chose a clever slogan: Red WAT & Blue, Going for the Gold.


Students wait for the champion to be announced as Grote stalls. Photo by Maggie Hinrichs

Each class, sporting their Olympic colored shirts, watched as Senior Student Board Vice President Mallory Grote handed envelopes containing results to their class officers. The scene resembled the Disney Channel Games, a 2006 Olympic spoof, where competition among Disney Channel stars ran deep as they battled to be the best.

The same could have been said about the girls of Marian, however, instead of a competition as to who is the best, they duked it out to see who has the most school spirit (and money.)

Omaha’s largest all boys school finds income throughout the year much like Marian does. Taylor Stormberg, a 2009 Creighton Prep graduate and the Director of Annual Funds at the school, said, “Prep has multiple fundraisers throughout the year.”

He included BASH, Phone-A-Thon, Sports Night, and the Men For Others Golf Tournament. “We have many other fundraising efforts that go on behind the scenes, but these are the main community-facing events we do each year,” Stormberg explains. All fundraising efforts come from parents and guardians of the students.

Stormberg commended Marian students for all of their efforts and was amazed how much money 699 girls could raise in a matter of weeks.

WAT hit a total of $125,000. When hearing this figure, Creighton Prep junior Jett Pittenger said, “$125,000 is enough to ride the Navy Pier ferris wheel 8,333 times. That’s a lot of money! I can’t imagine a fundraiser that successful at my school. It would be something really cool to be a part of.”

All of the money, as well as money from other fundraisers throughout the year, will be beneficial to the school. Junior Delaney Gunn said, “I’m excited to see how the money will be put to use in our school.”

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