The Forced Decision to Stay or Leave the Country

Immigration has been a hot topic in the United States since its very beginning. From Europeans to Asians to Africans, people from all over the world come to America looking for a better life (the American Dream), and in light of the recent election, the topic of immigration has sprung up even more prominent than before. One of the immigrant groups, Mexicans, has been affected the most with the outcome of the election. US citizens should treat Mexicans with respect and dignity, along with other marginalized groups.


“on the fly” with Di by Diana Elizalde

           Coming from a Mexican immigrant family, all the retaliation, insults, and criticism popping up more intense than ever fill our hearts with worry. Most of my immediate family is here illegally. It pains me to know that the day I say goodbye to them is sooner than we thought.

The streets aren’t safe anymore. Stores aren’t safe anymore. School isn’t safe anymore. Shopping at the store without the fear of being called out for being Mexican seems like a dream. We shouldn’t have to be extra careful when putting gas in our car, we are people just like everyone else.

Because of all of these events going on, many Mexican families have been pondering going back to the home country. Newly elected President, Donald J. Trump has made threats to “build a wall” across the Mexican border, deporting all illegal immigrants, and taking away the citizenship of the sons and daughters of these immigrants.

This is absurd.

Most Mexicans who come to the United States illegally, hope to work hard, and have the ability to offer families back in Mexico a better life. The sons and daughters of these immigrants, referred to as Mexican-Americans, have the opportunity to educate themselves, and pursue dreams that their parents wouldn’t even think about.

During his campaign, Donald J. Trump called all illegal Mexicans rapists, drug addicts, and just “bad hombres.” Illegal Mexican immigrants are to scared to even come out of their house! How could they be all those things that he says!

My parents came here to give me a better life, and sadly, being taught from an early age to defend ourselves against racism should not be a normal lifestyle for anyone. Having to choose between staying in the country of their children or going back to the roots should not cloud all thoughts.

Mexicans, like any other minority, have the right to have lives where equal opportunity should be a given, and not a privilege to fight for.   Which is why I believe that Mexicans should be treated with respect, and dignity; Mexicans have the same rights as any other person in the United States.

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