DJ Hot Boy, the man behind the turn tables


He’s known for lighting up the floor (literally) at Marian dances and for rocking the airwaves on Power 106.9, but after 15 years, DJ Hot Boy is finally hanging up the headphones.

“I’ve learned that all things must come to an end; it is an inevitable part of the cycle of existence. All things must conclude,” Hot Boy said.


DJ Hot Boy heats the beats Most recently, DJ Hot Boy DJed at Marian’s Welcome Dance on Sept. 16. emilydoll

As most kids, DJ Hot Boy grew up loving music. “I was the kid in school who collected music,” Hot Boy said.

His passion became a career during his senior year of high school when he had the opportunity to DJ his older sister’s New Year’s Eve party. The energy the crowd produced that night gave DJ Hot Boy a rush he had never experienced before. “I knew that I was supposed to be a DJ,” Hot Boy said.

DJ Hot Boy’s Marian career began as a miraculous accident. “The DJ that was supposed to DJ the event had booked two events at the same time, and he asked me if I would do it.” But that mistake sparked a rocking relationship between the DJ and Marian. “Every [Marian] dance is extremely special to me. I’ve done so many schools, but I can say with all honesty that Marian is by far my favorite school to play,” Hot Boy said. He credits Marian for assisting in shaping his career as a DJ.

After serving the community through events such as fundraising for childhood cancer and organizing a safe, free trick or treating event for metro kids, he is giving back by joining the Omaha Police Department. Hot Boy will miss people approaching him to talk about an event that they remember. “That tells me I gave them an experience. That’s all I’ve wanted to do, and I will miss that the most.”dj-hot-boy-letter

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