Grandparent’s Day 2016



Come one, come all Grandparents were packing into Marian on Oct. 6 for Grandparent’s Day. Anna Cook ’18 celebrates the special day with her close family friends, John and Elaine Boyce. “I like to call them my ‘Omaha grandparents’ because my other grandparents live in Minnesota. Having them with me on Granparent’s Day was really special to me!” Cook said. alliemorrissey


Picture that Jeanne Weaver, grandmother of Carly Peterman ‘17, captures the procession before the Mass begins. This tech-savvy grandma took time out of her day to enjoy her granddaughter’s last Grandparent’s Mass. carmenmiller


Love at first sight Maya Tate ’19 greets her grandmother, Christine Tate, lovingly with a warm hug. “My favorite part of the Mass was getting to spend time with my grandma because I’m really busy, and I never get to spend some time with her, so it was really nice to go to Mass and eat breakfast together,” Tate said. carmenmiller


The first of many lasts A joyful Mass and multiple cups of coffee make for a typical day at Marian but a special treat for grandparents. John and Ruth McLeay celebrate their last Grandparent’s Day with Michaela McLeay ’17 (right) but aren’t done yet. Michaela’s cousin, Hope McLeay ’20 (left), has three more years of yummy danishes ahead of her. alliemorrissey


We are family Like many Marian grandparents, Gary and Debbie Pink have granddaughters in multiple grades. Ellie Pink ’17 and Eva Pink ’20 hug their grandparents goodbye after the festivities are over. “I love having my grandparents come to Mass every year! It’s a fun tradition, and I’m excited to I got to share it one last time with my younger sister,” Ellie said. alliemorrissey


Sweatshirts galore Noel Olson ’19 and her grandmother, Beverly Brown, wanted to get their hands on some Marian merchandise from the Bluetique on Grandparent’s Day. “I’m pretty sure it was her first time using an iPad for checkout,” Olson said. alliemorrissey

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