Marian Momentum hopes to gain momentum through new fundraising program


Not only are Marian Momentum show choir members motivated on stage, but they are also motivated to fundraise.

As Marian Momentum is preparing for its second season, the girls are fundraising for the show choir’s equipment, costumes, competition fees and other necessary

payments. The group is raising funds through FundraisingU, which is a company that specializes in organizing fundraisers. 

Throughout the year, Marian Momentum members will be selling various items ranging from coupon cards, popcorn, cookie dough and tumbler mugs. The show choir has even coordinated with Under Armour to sell

Marian Momentum apparel.

“I’m super excited, and it’ll be a great bonding experience. I love being a part of Momentum, and fundraising will help us become an even greater team,” freshman Lauren Zadalis said.

Spokespeople from both FundraisingU and Under Armour will help Ms.

Lauren Morrissey, the show choir’s new director, to execute these fundraisers.

“Since Marian girls are involved in so many activities that need fundraising, we hope FundraisingU makes the process easier for students. Each sale will only last a week or two, and there are incentives provided by FundraisingU for who can sell the most. The organization aspect will be handled by FundraisingU, making it much easier on students and activity moderators. This will hopefully also eliminate any overlap in fundraising between groups,” Morrissey said.

Last year, during the show choir’s first official season, Marian Momentum raised funds by selling tumbler mugs, homemade pizzas and baked goods. Their previous fundraising methods showed great results, but raising money through FundraisingU will likely be more beneficial to individual members.


Sing it out! Momentum members Scarlett Wedergren ’20, Rachael Brich ’18, Kaci Kirchhoefer ’18, Colby Lemkau ’18, Katrina Boesch ’20 and Lauren Zadalis ’20 practice in preparation for competitions, which start in January. emilydoll

This new process will help all participants, including students that partake in more than one activity that fundraises throughout the year, such as Marian Cheer and Marian’s Speech Team.

Instead of the girls raising funds for one activity at a time, the girls now put their raised money towards all of their activities’ funds as a whole.

The cost of each activity that a girl is involved in is combined so that girls can raise funds all at once and not worry about tracking each activity’s raised money separately.

“Momentum is looking to have an amazing second year of competitions, and we appreciate all of the support we receive from the Marian community. We plan on making some apparel available to everyone as well, so everyone can have some cool Momentum shirts to wear when they come to support us at our competitions,” Morrissey said.

Whether it be practicing for hours on end or pulling together to sell popcorn, Marian Momentum has proven that they know how to work together as a team.

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