PSAT testing pays off for students


Being a part of the National Merit Scholarship Program is one of the highest honors a student can receive.

The candidates are selected based off of their PSAT scores, and approximately five percent of students nationwide receive the Commended Student title, and less than one percent receive Semifinalist.

On Oct. 18, Marian announced that seniors Katie Williams and Isabelle Swanson received National Merit Semifinalist honors, and senior Lily Foley and former student Ione Enderez (who currently attends Cebu Doctor’s University in Mandaue, Philippines) received Commended Student status.

During their time at Marian, these girls have worked incredibly hard to prepare themselves to reach these national titles.

In order to receive Finalist titles, students have to go through another series of hoops. Those who qualify will be notified in early February.

Katie Williams

Favorite studying snack: Greek yogurt

Favorite class taken at Marian: Government

College major (pending): Biology

Favorite methods of studying: Reading and highlighting the text book

Dream college:  Stanford University

Extracurricular activities: Cross country, Track, Band, Science Club, Campus Ministry

Isabelle Swanson

Favorite studying snack: Jumbo chocolate chip muffins

Favorite class taken at Marian: Spanish IV, English Language and Composition

College major (pending): Data Analytics

Favorite methods of studying: Quizlet, studying in 25 minute blocks

Dream colleges: MIT, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M

Extracurricular activities: Newspaper, Engineering Club, Marian Academic Competition Club

Lily Foley

Favorite studying snack: Puppy chow

Favorite class taken at Marian: Calculus BC, Chemistry

College major (pending): Bio-medical Engineering

Favorite methods of studying: Reading and re-reading the text

Dream colleges: Notre Dame, UNL

Extracurricular activities: Tennis, Trap, Campus Ministry, Engineering Club

photo courtesy of Ione Enderez

Ione Enderez

Favorite studying snack: Skinny Pop, the occasional Snickers bar

Favorite class taken at Marian: Sociology

College major: Nursing with a pre-medical track

Favorite methods of studying: Reading the text once before going back and highlighting/taking notes

Dream college: Cebu Doctor’s University

Extracurricular activities: Fall musical, Worship Choir, French Club, Recruitment Team

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