Sisters set each other up for success


Everyone knows that volleyball is a team sport, but it is a family sport as well.

Two of the varsity starters this year, junior Lily Heim and senior Mary Wolfe, are following in their sisters’ footsteps by leading the team to a successful season. Their older sisters, Maggie Heim ’13 and Annie Wolfe ’13, played both high school and club volleyball together, which inspired their younger sisters to take up the sport.

“I would usually go to every game and be in awe about how good they were. [Mary] and I also watched our sisters play club volleyball together, so we have been friends for a long time,” Lily said.

This year, Maggie had some difficulties returning that favor to her sister. She attends Ohio State University, so making the 12-hour drive to Omaha to watch her successor play is no easy task. “Unfortunately, I only get to watch Lils play once or twice a year, but I actually got to watch her play last weekend at a Lincoln tournament. I snuck away right before our Nebraska match and uber’d to Lincoln Northeast to watch her,” Maggie said.


Bump it Lily Heim (7) ’18 sets Mary Wolfe (11) ’17 for a hit against Omaha Northwest on Oct. 4. The Crusaders beat the Huskies in 3 sets and Wolfe lead the team with ten kills. carmenmiller

One of the hardest parts of being an heir to a volleyball throne is being compared to your sister. Luckily for Mary, she was rarely equated to Annie. “The only people who really compared the two of us were my parents, but other than that it was never too big of a deal,” Mary said.

When it comes to collegiate volleyball, Mary will follow in her sister’s steps by committing to play at the University of

Nebraska-Kearney, which is the same school where her sister currently plays. Mary carefully mulled over her sister’s advice when making this decision. “She would always tell me to not feel pressure when deciding where I want to play,” Mary said. “She really emphasized that I should play where I want to play, not where our parents want me to play.”

Inheriting your sister’s role on the team has its pros and cons, but one of the biggest perks to being a legacy is always having someone to turn to who has been in the exact same position that you are currently in.

“One piece of advice that I always give her is remember that your legacy is not about stats or honors; it is about the person you become in the process. So, be the last one in the gym getting reps after your teammates have left, give the freshman a ride to practice and talk to the young fan in the stands decked out in Marian gear at the match. Do little things with great purpose, and always be grateful for the gift God has given you,” Maggie said.

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