Spellbound by Spielbound Cafe


Nothing goes better together than a board game and a nice cup of coffee. You can get the best of both worlds at Spielbound Board Game Cafe, located at the intersection of 33rd Street and Harney. The shop opened in 2013. You can order a coffee and rent a few board games, and stay for a while. Parking is available along the streets near the shop.



If you’re ever looking for a place to spend a few hours on a rainy afternoon, Spielbound would be my first recommendation. It is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a coffee and a book, or join some friends for a board game or two.They have any board game one could imagine, from Jenga to Clue, and more. To play their games, you need a membership or a $5 day pass.

The atmosphere inside the shop was extremely welcoming, and the employees were quite polite and courteous. When I walked in, the barista instantly recommended a Butterbeer inspired latte to match the book I was carrying, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

She whipped me up a 16-ounce caramel vanilla latte with butterscotch froth for $4.90. I settled into a booth, enjoying the quiet music and the relaxing atmosphere. The sweetness of the butterscotch combatted the bitter undertones of the espresso, blended together into a perfectly balanced drink. As I sipped the latte that let off the soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I perused the shop. The menu consisted of a plethora of drinks, for coffee lovers and haters alike, from hot cocoa and chai tea to lattes and a coffee of the day.


graphic by kateschwaller

After about an hour spent in the cafe, I emerged again into the bustling downtown area, feeling perfectly content with my visit. I have plans to go back in the near future and further explore the adjoining library, and enjoy another hot cup of coffee.

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