Hey guys, it’s not that deep in the journey of self-discovery


“It’s not that deep.”

I say it so often that I consider it a mantra.

Every time fall rolls around, the leaves turn orange, the air becomes cold and the drinks are pumpkin spiced.

It seems like everyone transforms from their energized summer selves into an introspective, scarf-clad poet, staring longingly out a rustic window as they post yet another #latteart picture on Instagram.

Next time you take a break from being Jesse McCartney in the “Beautiful Soul” music video, realize that it’s not that deep. What is ‘it’, you ask? ‘It’ refers to everything, but also nothing.

Zoom out for a moment and notice that all of your problems are miniscule, if not microscopic. While in the context of your day-to-day life, your issues all feel like you might die if they aren’t dealt with, it’s healthy to sometimes just shrug your shoulders, say ‘it’s not that deep’, and move on.

If your Instagram caption is longer than three lines, it’s not that deep.

We get it, you shop at Goodwill. I don’t need to see a picture of your polyester

jacket that’s been put through six different VSCOcam filters.

If you’ve ever held a warm mug of coffee in two hands, brought it to your nose and deeply inhaled, trust me: it’s not that deep. It’s a cup of coffee that you got from

Starbucks, not a Robert Frost poem.

If you don’t shop at Whole Foods because it’s corporate, please–I’m begging you–take a step back and realize that it’s not, nor will it ever be that deep.

If you’ve ever tried to tell someone that your favorite band sounds better on vinyl, it’s time to stop. It will never be that deep. That’s a promise.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking things are deeper than they are, but at some point, you have to realize that making things so incredibly meaningful is draining.

Ellie M.jpg


There’s no heartwarming moral, no life changing epiphany–some things will just never be as deep as you want them to be, no matter how many filters you add or how many pumps of pumpkin-flavored syrup they put in your drink at Starbucks.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen my friends get worked up about something

trivial, and then after being reminded that it’s not that deep, they were instantly relieved.

Accepting the idea that some things are just going to stay the way they are is an integral part of adopting ‘it’s not that deep’ as your lifestyle.

I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery called ‘it’s not that deep’, full of putting down the coffee, pulling the curtains on the window and reducing my Instagram captions down to a

single emoji.

I suggest that we all follow suit, and from time to time, when you get overwhelmed, remind yourself that it’s simply not that deep.

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