Holla-ween: It’s toad-ally eerie-sistible


It’s no secret that I, the self-proclaimed Queen of Halloween, am completely and totally in love with the best holiday known to humankind.

I live for perfect pumpkins and spooky skeletons and wicked witches. My room is decorated year-round with the most hip Halloween decorations.

My favorite candle scent? Witches’ Brew by Yankee Candle.

There is literally nothing better than Halloween.

It occurs in the most happenin’ season (autumn). Autumn is

happenin’ because it’s crisp and cool.

Not to name any names, but who can actually

celebrate a holiday when there’s two feet of frozen white semi-ice (from the devil) covering the ground?

It also has the cutest decorations. Forgive me, but who cares about red and green, pastels, or red, pink and white?


morganhobbs and amaleapoulos

Black, orange, purple and sometimes green? Heck yes. According to a scientific study I just made up, colors typically affiliated with Halloween are way cuter than any other colors. I mean come on, it’s scientifically proven!

Listen to the facts.

I have a special flame burning for Halloween because, unlike Christmas, you’re not expected to be cheerful 24/7. Sometimes I just want to throw myself a pity party and not be called a humbug.

I also consider Christmas to be the general worst because it takes up an entire month and a half (and sometimes more!).

This is super hypocritical because I expect everyone to celebrate Halloween year round but because no one listens to me, we can pretend like I’m not trying to make everyone spooky for 365 days a year.

For any haters out there, I am on my knees begging you to give Halloween one more chance.

Take a single night to watch “Halloweentown,”  “Hocus Pocus” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and allow the spookiness to seep into your soul. If you’re not into classic films, watch “Beetlejuice” or “Practical Magic.”

Try baking some ghost-shaped cookies with your friends. Make DIY pumpkin pillows! The possibilities are endless. I know Halloween can make anyone happy.

I’ve accepted my role as Baby Grinch for the months following my beloved Halloween. Until then, I’ll continue daydreaming of ghouls and witches until I, myself, am a spooky skeleton.

Check out the opposing viewpoint here: https://mariandigitalnetwork.com/2016/10/31/boo-two-thumbs-down-for-halloween/

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