October MBeat Broadcasts

October 5 MBeat: The Journalism 1 production team of Lily, Liv, and Laney bring you news of the week including: Dance Team, Walk-A-Thon, Jersey Drive, Marian Fund, Human Trafficking Video Promo, A Fire Drill Interruption and more! Thanks for watching!

October 12 MBeat: The J1 Team of Liv, Laney and Lily come together again to bring you news of the week including 8th Grade Mini Surprise Night, Grandparent’s Day, State Golf, Gnimocemoh Spelling Quiz, Throwback Chats and the WAT PRIZE WINNER LIST! Watch it today! Share your feedback with us at mbeat@omahamarian.org.

October 19 MBeat: The Journalism I team of Andie, Maria, Cammy and Audrey bring you news of the week including State Softball, Singing in the Rain, Spirit Week, Gnimocemoh Student vs. Teacher VB, Dance Team and more! Thanks for watching!

October 26 MBeat: The Journalism I team of Grace, Shannon, Sofy and Katherine bring you news of the week at Marian including a quick look at the adorable little boys in the musical “Singin’ in the Rain” and a reminder to buy your tickets for the weekend, a few photos from State Cross Country and Senior Night of Volleyball, a look behind the scenes of Operation Welcome, the refugee resettlement club, a survey of where students went for lunch last Thursday on the half day and a speedy Pumpkin Pie recipe. Thanks for watching!

Singin’ in the rain MBeat: Get a sneak peak at the stage for sights and sounds of ‘Singin in the Rain” for this weekend’s shows. Photo Slide Show created by TJ Pfannenstiel, ninth grader at Creighton Prep. Special thanks to Mr. Tim Pfannenstiel, past Marian dad, who helped share the video. Great job to the directors, cast and crews. The orchestra is also awesome! We are proud of you. Tickets are available at the doors until the shows are sold out!

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