12 responses to “Romeo and Juliet Playlist

  1. I chose “This Town” for Romeo because it shows how somebody feels when somebody is suddenly gone and you are used to them being there.


  2. I chose the song “all of me” by John Legend because I think that describes Romeo because he loves Juliet with all of his heart.


  3. I choose “When You Say Nothing at All” by Alison Krauss because of the balcony scene when Juliet is leaning on her hand and Romeo understands what she is saying based on her eyes.


  4. I chose “Let Me Love You” by Justin Bieber for Romeo because, it shows a relationship to Romeo and Juliet’s love and it also foreshadows there deaths.


  5. I chose the song Halo for Juliet because I think the lyrics describe the feelings Juliet has for Romeo perfectly.


  6. I chose Latch by Disclosure for Juliet because it explains how Juliet didn’t want Romeo to leave and she wanted him to stay with her.


  7. I chose “Fight for you” by Jason Derulo for Romeo, because I think the feelings of the song are alike to the feelings of Romeo.


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