Saturday School secrets exposed


Saturday School: a mystery to many and dreaded by all. “I would probably cry if I was at Saturday School,” an anonymous freshman admitted. As a punishment for getting 10 disciplinary points, Marian has a detention that takes place on Saturday, called Saturday School.

Once a student receives 10 points, she and her parents are invited to attend a meeting of the Review Board. The student is assigned five hours of Saturday School, held on selected Saturdays. The teacher proctors get paid an extra $100 for supervising Saturday School.

The student gets to wake up bright and early, put on her uniform and get to school before 7 a.m.

That almost sounds like a regular school day.


Saturday school or prison? An anonymous senior models an “inmate” shirt worn by the senior team at the Gnimocemoh volleyball game. amaleapoulos

While many students imagine the 5-hour Saturday School as comparable to “The Breakfast Club,” students disclosed that they cleaned, painted, wrote out part of the handbook or dictionary, picked weeds and even swept out dead Japanese beetles from a back room in the library. Several shared that they also ate ice cream.

Students responded with different attitudes toward Saturday School. Some said it was “terrible,” while some “heard that it was fun.”  A lot of factors go into Saturday School, and the experience can depend on the time of year.  The student may get to paint cabinets in the art room or sweep under the bleachers.

“I’ve had my fair share of Saturday schools. We do some work, but for the rest of the time we just sit there and eat. It’s pretty chill. I’ve made a lot of friends there,” an anonymous senior said.

Many students at Saturday School have received their points for various minor infractions such as uniform violations, talking out of turn and eating in class.

“It is considered a 5-hour detention that involves the student putting in service to her school,” Ms. Ronda Motykowski, Dean of Student Affairs, said. “This happens after 10 points, and again at 20 points, which is 10 hours that need to be served,” she said.

Whether the student enjoys Saturday School or not, most would agree that there are better things to do on a Saturday morning.

As long as your points are low, Saturday school is avoidable.


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