What it takes to be a Marian Mom


Everyone can immediately tell when it is Marian Moms by the smell of taco salad wafting through the hallways and the extensive amount of smiles waiting for students in the lunchroom. Marian Moms has become an important tradition for students and staff alike. But the real question is: what does it take to be a Marian Mom?

For mothers like Tracy McKillip, who has been involved with Marian Moms since 2001, it takes time, commitment, and 12 to 15 pounds of taco meat.

“My favorite part of Marian Moms is that it gives all moms, dads, grandparents, older siblings, and alums a chance to be part of the everyday life at Marian. It can allow us to see our girls in ‘their natural habitat,’  while at the same time providing significant support to the school, faculty and staff, and the girls,” McKillip said.

Besides the four to five hours spent at Marian on the day of the salad lunch, McKillip spends several hours the night before prepping taco meat for the next day.

Don’t be fooled- Marian Moms is behind far more things going on in the community than just taco salad lunches every other Thursday. They are involved in post prom, Lunch with a Leader, the BLUEtique, Light Night, Grandparents Day, Senior Honors Day, Ice Cream Social and the Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter Mass and Breakfast.

What everyone really wants to know is how it works.

A Marian Mom committee meets to  elect a president and executive committee. The president then makes sure that there is a chair-mom for each event and keeps in touch with the administration to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Lemonade Life Dan Determan, father of Kateri ’16 and Maria ’18, and Mike McCawley, grandfather of Lucy Boever ’17 and Emma Boever ’19, fix up lemonade for Marian Moms lunch. The cups rapidly disappear off of the table.

The diverse group includes moms, grandparents, and of course, dads.

McKillip continues to be proud of the wide variety of volunteers stepping up in the Marian community. “I would encourage all parents (and even grandparents) to really try to become involved in some capacity with Marian Moms.  We like to say we don’t discriminate by gender or age, and have a number of dads and grandparents who are “regulars”– and we love that!”

Dan Determan, who is on his fourth year with Marian Moms, said he has finally been promoted and put “officially in charge of the lemonade.”

One thing both McKillip and Determan agree on is their favorite part of Marian Moms— interacting with their daughters.


Desserts Galore Ms. Jennifer Maher, mother of Emma Maher ’18, sets out fresh desserts for students to pick from. Students get a dessert with every Marian Moms lunch or can purchase one separately. susanapettis

“I have lots of ‘favorites’–getting to see my daughter(s) at school in the middle of the day, helping out with an “event” at Marian that everyone looks forward to, hearing so many thank yous from the students and of course the Taco Salad lunch that we get to enjoy afterwards,” Determan said.


Marian Moms is a fun experience not only for the students who race to the cafeteria for the coveted lunch, but for the parents. They get to interact with their daughters and other Marian students in their natural environments plus, who doesn’t love a good taco salad lunch?


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