Students break out the camo for Gnimocemoh

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 4.24.04 PM.png

Gnimocemoh was held on Oct. 14 and organized by the senior class officers. “We all voted between the camo theme and a Christmas theme, but the camo theme reigned victorious,” senior class officer Brenna Morris said. Each day of the week each had its own theme as well. Monday was What Not to Wear, Tuesday was Sports Team, Wednesday was Hawaiian, Thursday was American and Friday was the much-coveted Dad Day. “My favorite part of Gnimocemoh week was Dad Day because it was fun to dress up and see all of my classmates dressed up as well,” Katrina Palmer ’20 said. Caijah Anderson ‘20 (1),  Kira Bravo ‘19 (2), Emma Farhart ‘18, Kate Bilyeu ‘18, Olivia Tate ‘18 (3), seniors (4) and Margaret Mullen ‘18 (5) can’t disguise their excitement as they dance. alliemorrissey

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