The Brains Behind Walk-A-Thon

By: J1 Reporter Lily Heim

As soon as the last bell rings on the final day of school, Student Board starts to plan Walk-A-Thon for the next fall. The majority of people don’t realize how much time and effort goes into the management of this student-led fundraiser, and who the masterminds are behind it all. This year, senior Student Board Vice President Mallory Grote was chosen to oversee Walk-A-Thon. From figuring out the new system, to getting companies to donate money, Grote did it all.

“It was a lot of hard work,” Grote said “I was getting a little nervous about making the goal in the first couple of weeks.” The pressure was especially on Grote after the third collection date, when some of the classes still hadn’t met their goal. The new Walk-A-Thon system was a worry for the Student Board girls. This year, the minimum amount was decreased from $45 to $30 making it harder for each class to reach their goal. “The minimum amount was decreased in order to make it more accessible to everyone. The goal was for everyone in the school to be able to participate,” Grote said.


Grote receives flowers for all of her hard work during Walk-A-Thon.

In the end, the student body surpassed Grote’s expectations by beating the school goal by $35,000. Although the students didn’t achieve their goal of raising more money than last year ($159,000), Grote said she was “…thrilled with how everything turned out and how much money we were able to raise!” Each class met their goal making this  Walk-A-Thon a success.


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