By: J1 Reporter Liv Putnam

This Walk-a-thon season, the student body raised roughly $125,000 and was awarded an extra $2,000 for Surprise Day. What an absolute treat, right?

“Not only were the school-wide prizes extra fabulous this year, students were chosen from a raffle for their own personal prizes which included Kate Spade merchandise, gift cards, and the most desired prize of all, the parking spot,” junior Student Board member Lily Heim said. This prize is awarded to one junior and one senior each year. It is a reserved parking spot located in upper lot and is extremely close to the school entrance.


STUBO Moderator Mr. Bauer announces the schools over-all results in front of whole student body

Every year, juniors and seniors pray for this spot in upper lot and hope to have their name pulled from a raffle of all the juniors and seniors who raised over $150 for Walk-a-thon. Senior Claire Janacek and junior Michaela Steier were awarded these two parking spots. “I’m so happy to never have to worry about parking in soph lot ever again,” Claire said. The girls will have this parking spot reserved for themselves until Walk-a-thon next year.

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