WAT WAT…. Wait, What? Students lead fundraiser to give back to their school

by J1 reporter Delaney Stekr

       A 700-member student body raising $159,000. Sounds like quite the daunting task. But for Marian girls, this has already been accomplished. Last year, 2015, Marian raised the most money in Walk-A-Thon history.

       But, for anyone outside of the magical Marian community, the concept of Walkathon is a little difficult to understand. For Millard North junior transfer student Kate Bilyeu, she was completely out of her element.

       “I had no idea what Walk-A-Thon was before I got here. I had lots of friends that went here before I transferred, but I never really understood what it was for or why they tried to raise money if they already paid tuition,” she said.

       Walk-A-Thon is a way for students to be able to give back to their school, and help cover costs that tuition does not. The tuition cost is approximately $2,000 less that what the actual cost is, and Walk-A-Thon is a major contributor to being able to keep costs down.

       When Bilyeu heard the monetary goals for each class, she was quite skeptical. “Our class goal this year was roughly $19,000. And when I looked at all of the girls in our class, I did not think there was any way we would be able to raise that much money,” she said. 


Junior Kate Bilyeu enjoys her first Walk-A-Thon. 

      She was pleasantly surprised to see the results and find out that not only the junior class, but the entire school attained the goal. In fact,students raised $125,000, beating the $90,000 goal, gifting the Student Board with $2,000 extra for Surprise Day. “I was amazed and so proud of our class for raising that much money, the school spirit here is very different from my other school,” Bilyeu said.

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