By J1 Reporter Abby McLaughlin

Many students have been feeling extra lost this year, and it’s not just freshmen.

The relocation of classrooms was implemented this year to make it easier for teachers from the same department to collaborate together. Each floor was designed to host specific departments. The math and science classrooms are on first floor, English and theology are on second floor, and social studies and languages are on third floor.

One teacher that changed classrooms was Mrs. Janet Tuttle, French teacher, who was moved from first floor to the third floor. “At first I was apprehensive, but now I really like it. It’s working out very well. It’s been nice having Mrs. Salzman across the hallway to collaborate and ask questions. My FitBit has also benefited and the view from the windows is really nice,” Tuttle said.

One benefit about Mrs. Tuttle being on the first floor, was being across from the one of her teacher best friends, Mrs. Sharon Genoways, who teaches physics and biology. “It’s been okay. We’ve survived. It’s funny how many people have asked us about that!”

Another teacher that had to relocate was Mr. Mark Koesters, Latin and theology teacher. When asked about how he feels about his new room on second floor, Koesters said, “I don’t want the principal to feel bad, but I want my old room back. The arrangement was better in my old room, and I like the white board. It is good to be away from the office, though. It’s working out fine, I sometimes walk into my old room by habit. I like having all the departments together, at first I didn’t think so, but now I do.”

Koesters thinks the relocation has really benefitted campus ministry. “I think they should’ve moved years ago to a more central location.”

One quirk about Koester’s new room is that it is American History and Government teacher, Mr. David Anderson’s, old room. This room has all of the amendments of the Constitution on the walls, which don’t benefit either subjects Koester’s teaches. “I’d rather have them not here. There wasn’t enough time to have them painted in the summer, but eventually I would like them to be painted over.”

All in all, both teachers are happy about the room change. Both agree that since they moved from carpet to tile, the rooms have been easier to clean and they don’t have an odor. The relocation has been a positive one throughout the school and has helped unify the different departments.


French teacher, Mrs. Janet Tuttle types in her new room, 308, on third floor during her free period.

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