Emily Bressman Does it All

By Liv Putnam

Emily Bressman is a sophomore with a lot activities going on in her busy life. She is a Class Officer and was elected by her classmates in May 2016 along with her fellow classmates Carolyn Griffin, Lily Gonzalez, Jillian Krueger, Kristen Beduhn, and Lizzie Byrne.

“I am one of the secretaries among the Class Officers. It was exciting to jump in with them right away and share my ideas. I love being a leader and a role model so running for CO my sophomore year was a good fit for me. We are very motivated and confident this year. We have lots of great ideas and are working hard to pursue them.” Bressman said 

Being a Class Officer is not the only extra curricular activity Bressman is involved in. She is a team captain on the varsity volleyball team, and is involved in clubs such as French club and science club. For any other high school girl, this could seem like a heavy load for a sophomore, but she said she loves it.

“I love being involved with many different activities and I would rather be too busy than have too much time on my hands,” Bressman said.

Class Officers are in charge of the class functions which include class meetings, Walk-A-Thon skit, Class Mass, class t-shirts, Color Block, Field Day skit, and all Field Day committees.

“I wanted to become more interactive with my class, and I love being involved in something that lets me be a leader and a role model for my classmates. I look forward to leading Field Day committees and will be in charge of mascot,” she said.

Bressmen was one of the two freshman mascots for Field Day 2016. Her charisma and impeccable ability to work with others will show when leading her class in Field Day this year.

Sophomore Class Officer Emily Bressman being caught by her classmates in a trust fall activity at Sophomore Retreat

“Emily Bressman is truly an ispirational young woman. I have taught Emily for two years in her science classes, seen her in action on the volleyball court, and worked with her as a Class Officer this year. I know sometimes girls can be intimidated by her- but she really has a soft heart and compassionate spirit. Just an all-around great kid,” Mrs. Julia Pick, sophomore Class Moderator, said. 

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