Your writing utensil choice defines you

Column By J1 reporter Delaney Stekr

     One small step for man, one giant leap for writing utensils. Seriously, both pens and pencils have been used in space. A slightly embarrassing rumor floated around the internet that America spent an excessive amount of money on trying to develop a pen for space, while the Russians simply used pencils. Thankfully, that is fully fiction.

But, this brings up a very serious debate topic: pens versus pencils. The permanent, smooth lines of a pen or the comfort of knowing that everybody makes mistakes and they are okay from a pencil. A little part of me thinks that Hannah Montana was most definitely a pencil gal.

     The use of a pen takes confidence in yourself, and knowing that your writing has permanence and will stay on the page, no matter what. Or, you are crazy and can cross out mistakes and be okay with that.

     In contrast, the pencil poses a more safe, comforting side to the wonderful world of writing. Also, for a lot of math and science classes, you are required to write in pencil, so the are a necessity for most students. Being able to erase my silly mistakes is a comfort that I appreciate.

     The smooth, permanent marking a pen creates is unbeatable. But, I say this to you with focus on an elite group of pens: the non-smudgers. These babies can handle my left hand dragging across the writing immediately after the ink touches the paper, and remains streak free. These pens are the elite of the writing utensils. I feel like a miner finding a diamond in the rough when I find one of these. (Shout out to my Papermate Inkjoy 1.0 M, don’t know where I would be without you.)

     Two types of people in this world, those who use pencils for and those who use pens, essentially for the same use, writing. But, between the personality of a person using a pen versus a pencil, there is a drastic variance. Pen users seem to be more bold, while pencil users like to stay safe, knowing what they do can be taken back.

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