My Open Letter to Passive Aggressive People

Opinion Column By J1 Reporter Katherine Martin

Dear lady who handed me my coffee this morning, I’m sorry that my life is a mess and I can’t hold my coffee while trying to put my change into my wallet. All you are doing is stressing me out with those unnecessary sassy looks. When you say “Have a nice day,” I know you don’t mean it. I did not mean to slow down your line and frustrate you, I just wanted my coffee so I could survive the rest of my day. Don’t be passive aggressive, just take a deep breath, you’ll live.

Sincerely, A girl who just wanted her coffee

Dear teachers who get frustrated easily, I am genuinely sorry I wasn’t prepared for class. I do, in fact, have seven other classes to be prepared for and at times I forget about your homework. I am just a girl trying to get sleep so I can keep up with everything in my life. I understand, I messed up and I’m gonna fail the assignment. You don’t have to be rude about it or call me out in class, I feel bad enough as it is. Don’t be passive aggressive, you’ll be fine, it’s my own grade at risk.

Sincerely, A girl who is trying not to drown

Dear classmates who are depending on me, I will finish my section of the group project, calm down. It might not be done now, but I will finish it when I have the time. You don’t have to talk about me behind my back, just politely ask me to do it sooner and I will. Don’t hint at me, come out and say it. Don’t be passive aggressive, I’ll pull through, I promise.

Sincerely, A girl who will pull her own weight

Dear passive aggressive people, Stop using the phrase “just kidding” after making a harsh joke. You have hurt someone’s feelings and you are just trying to make up for it. Either don’t insult them or actually apologize for it. A study made by me, shown below, shows that passive aggressive people are some of the worst people in the world. If you don’t like the way someone does something or the way they think, then give it to them straight or do not get involved. It is none of your business. Let them live and do what they want, they can think for themselves. If you are a passive aggresssive person, take a deep breath, calm down, and be nice.

Sincerely, A girl who is sick of passive aggressive people


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