The Crusader Castle Takes Reign

by J1 Reporter Maggie Prosser

Every Marian girl’s biggest fear is hearing, “out, out, out!” chanted by the Creighton Prep Birdcage. At Varsity Prep football games, Marian provides a strong fan base. (Next to the birdcage of course!) Some girls even go religiously like junior Katherine Martin and sophomore Hannah Bena.


Prep and Papillon-La Vista South line up before the battle of the trenches. Photo by Hannah Bena

“I went to every single game and the Blue and White game,” Martin said. Martin’s boyfriend, junior, Drew Dunham played wide receiver and outside linebacker. Katherine said a specific memory that stood out to her was, the boys playing so hard against Bellevue West, losing, and then watching the team sing their fight song, The White and the Blue. “It was difficult to watch,” Martin said. A lot of girls agreed with that.

“I go to the games to take pictures from the field and my twin brother, Ryan Bena, plays on the team,” Bena said. She said her favorite part of the game is seeing the team chant their fight song after every game; win or lose.

The Marian fan base at prep games is larger than other all-girl schools. The girls usually sit to the right of the Birdcage.

The Crusader Castle is usually the biggest at games when the Marian Dance team performs. Dance Team performed on Sept. 29 and Oct. 14 at Burke Stadium.

The football team went 9-3 throughout their season. Bena and Martin both said that the most exciting game was the Millard North Quarterfinal Playoff at Buell Stadium on Friday, Nov. 4.


Photo by Hannah Bena

The Millard North versus Prep rivalry is alive and going strong. The last two years Millard North has won the regular season game. This is the first time in a few years that the two teams have played each other in a playoff game. Prep beating the reigning state champs of 2015 was a big deal.

Through the boyfriends and the brothers, Marian fans will always be there to support their loved ones.

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