I Only Run From My Problems, Thanks

Just The Way I Veik It – Opinion Column

By J1 Reporter Julia Veik

My legs are shaking, heart pounding as I struggle to keep up in a vicious cycle of lap after lap. My lungs let out an indignant squeak when I try to pass the girl in front of me. I’m at the back of the pack wishing I could pass the class without passing out. I did not sign up for this.

Running in gym class is a painful and problematic experience. As an ex-volleyball player and athlete, I would expect running a mile to be simple, maybe even easy. I have never been more wrong.

No matter how many times I run the mile, it never gets easier. I end up a sweaty mess with little promise of being a track star. Sorry dad! (I’m not sorry).

What’s the point? People, mostly gym teachers and maniacs, in support of running in gym class claim they are trying to help me become a healthier person.

This running might be helpful to someone living an otherwise healthy life, but that is not my life. I eat a bag of potato chips to ease boredom, I don’t go for a jog.

I hear from others that they go running to ease their worried minds. To me, that seems like a disastor waiting to happen. All I can imagine is the classic crime tv show scene where the lone runner gets mugged. It just doesn’t work out (like me).

I can see where they are coming from, though. Running is an excellent way to burn calories and escape murderous monsters, but other than that, what’s it for?

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