Meet your new freshman Class Officers and Student Board members


Class of 2020 Officers:


Natalie Brennan Her favorite Christmas treat is chocolate- covered pretzels. She can’t wait to help plan class Mass as a CO.


Achay Kual Her favorite movie is “Finding a Family.” As a CO, she’s most excited about being able to get people pumped for school.


Bella Syslo Her favorite coffee drink is an iced mocha. Bella is excited to work on the class shirt and Field Day.


Bella Pantano Her favorite Harry Potter book is “Deathly Hallows.” Bella is happy for the opportunity to be a leader.


Zoey Armstead Her favorite Disney show is “That’s So Raven.” As a CO, she’s most excited about planning Field Day.


Cassie Wolf She would be a monkey because she’s “quirky”. Cassie’s excited to plan class Mass.

Student Board members: 


Lucy O’Brien Her favorite “High School Musical” song is “Gotta Go My Own Way.” Lucy is super excited to go to Monday meetings after school.


Emmy Kmiecik Her favorite winter activity is ice skating. She’s most excited about becoming a StuBo member and organizing events and helping to make the school better.


Grace Crockett Her favorite Christmas song is “Mary Did You Know” by Pentatonix. Grace is excited to be a part of a group that involved all four classes at Marian.

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