Students give thanks, acknowledgment to donors at annual Scholarship Breakfast


A Marian education is something all students have to be thankful for, however there are some students who have more than just their parents to thank for it. On the morning of Nov. 9, students and donors headed to Marian’s Performing Arts Center for the annual Scholarship Breakfast.

The breakfast provided many girls with the opportunity to meet with the people who made it possible for them to attend Marian. The 81 girls and 33 donors in attendance were treated to a buffet-style breakfast with seniors Sarah Villarreal and Natalie Sterba playing violins softly in the background.


Scholarly smiles Emmanuela Ahianti ’18 and Courtenay Bolam, sister to the late Shana Morris ’91, bond over breakfast and laughter on Nov. 9. The donors and the recipients of scholarships talked about what Marian means to them. briannawessling

Many girls looked forward to the opportunity to meet with their donors. “I really enjoy getting to know the scholarship donors and being able to thank them for all that they do,” senior Emily Kleinschmit said.

“I enjoyed meeting my donors and learning about why they decided to set up the scholarships,” junior Vicky Bongomin said.

Many of the girls who attended the breakfast admit that they wouldn’t be able to attend Marian if it weren’t for the generosity of the donors.

“I would like to tell my donor that me and my parents are so thankful for them and that I will work hard now that I am a Marian girl!” freshman Jolie Falcon said.

“Without your generosity, I wouldn’t have met my sisters and continued to push myself to work really hard, so thank you,” Bongomin said to her donors.

The opportunity to attend Marian is definitely something the girls don’t take for granted.

“Marian has really given me a voice. I am a more outgoing and confident young woman because of the lessons and qualities that Marian values so much. I think that I am most thankful for the empowerment that Marian provides for young women. Without Marian, I wouldn’t have the courage to go after my dreams,” Kleinschmit said.

Students aren’t the only ones who look forward to the breakfast. Donors also enjoy the opportunity to meet with the girls they donate to.

Sr. Peggy Miller ’65 is a representative of the donors that make Marian a possibility for scholarship breakfast.jpgmany girls. “It was my parents who named Marian in their will.  They greatly valued education, especially Catholic education.  Since I am a graduate of Marian, they know the kind of education Marian offered then and trusted it continued through the years and wanted it to be available to more young women,” Sr. Peggy said.

Sr. Peggy said that she enjoys meeting with the girls who receive the scholarship her parents provided. “There have been students from every grade.  They are all so different but excited about their Marian education and their future.  It makes me even more grateful my parents established the scholarship.”

As the breakfast came to a close, many girls thanked their donors one last time, making sure that they know how much of an impact they have made on their lives.

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