REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. It’s not that hard, people.

Opinion Column by J1 Reporter Makayla Sedlacek


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Nothing frustrates me more than when a teacher hands out a 10-page packet that’s only printed on one side.

Quick calculation here: if a teacher gives each of her students a 10-page packet, and let’s say she has 75 students, that’s 750 pieces of paper. 750! Keep that number in mind.

According to, the average tree can produce roughly 8333.3 pieces of paper. Therefore, 750 pieces of paper is nearly 10 percent of a tree!

That’s outrageous, especially considering that the teacher could have printed on both sides of paper and saved 350 piece of paper (or 5 percent of a tree). Not only that, but we have iPads. That means that printing out a 10-page packet isn’t necessary in the first place!


Non-reusable plastic water bottles annoy the heck out of me.

They’re such a waste!

It’s so easy to just buy a reusable water bottle and do your part in helping the environment.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a $15 Camelbak bottle, you can buy them at the dollar store. Not only will you save money by not having to pay $1 every morning to get a bottle from the vending machine, but you will save the environment.


If you refuse to buy a reusable water bottle, then the least you can do is recycle the non-reusable ones.

It’s literally only 10-steps extra to get from the trash can to the recycling bin in the cafeteria.

You can do it.

You shouldn’t just recycle water bottles, but you should also recycle cans, paper, cardboard, and almost any plastic product. I’m pretty sure everyone is taught as a child how to recycle, so there’s is no excuse not to.

It doesn’t cost anything. It’s everyone’s responsibility to conserve the environment before it’s too late.

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