Open house



Open doors and open arms Welcome to Marian! Open House, held on Nov. 20, outlined all the numerous things Marian girls do. From clubs to classes and everything in between, Marian hoped to show that any girl can find her place at this school. “I hope prospective students were able to feel the energy and spirit that fills our halls,” Recruitment Director Molly Woodman said. ellierommelfanger


All hands on deck Student tour guides anxiously waited in the cafeteria before they were assigned to a tour. There were 129 tour guides, and they led 242 future Crusaders and their families through the halls of Marian, explaining what it is like to be a Marian girl and giving first-hand experiences every step of the way. ellierommelfanger


Centering in style The art room provides a colorful and exciting break from the dull walls of the typical classroom. Students were spread throughout the room working on their current pieces, from intricate self-portraits to throwing on the pottery wheel, as Lily Hauser ’17 is demonstrating. carmenmiller


New and improved Madison Bezousek ’19 showed her sister the new chemistry labs while science teacher Mrs. Stacey Tunink, all suited up in her lab coat, talked about their debut and Marian’s science program. amaleapoulos


Blast from the past Room 304, often referred to as “The Journ Room,” gave girls a little history on Marian, as the past 10 years’ yearbooks were displayed, along with past issues of The Network and a constant stream of MBeats. Tour guide Jess Hudson ’17 walked through the room with a prospective family and explained the importance of journalism at Marian. amaleapoulos


Lil’ sis takes Marian Theology is a vital part of Marian’s Catholic curriculum, so meeting the teachers and getting a vibe for how the classes are taught is essential to understanding what it would be like to be a Marian student. Mr. Kory Delkamiller and Mr. Greg Golka were stationed in Room 208 to greet students and introduce them to how theology is shared at Marian. They shook each potential students’ hand, such as Olivia Ost’s, sister of Avery Ost ’18. carmenmiller


Clubbing with my girls Marian has so many clubs and activities to offer, so the activity fair in the East Gym can feel a little overwhelming at first, but the students running the clubs did their best to explain their activity and make it seem as appealing as possible to interested students. Eva Wieczorek ’17 and Rachel Weremy ’17 ran the Operation Welcome table to inform future students about their work with refugees and inspire them to join the club. carmenmiller

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