Trap Practice



Staying Warm The trap team huddles around a table during practice to stay warm. The temperature measured 24 degrees while they shot. maddiemingo


Locked and Loaded Samantha Tracy ’19 steps up to the line to shoot skeet. Elizabeth Krejci ’17 and Tyra Carstens ’18 stood behind her for moral support. maddiemingo


Don’t Move Anna Feldman ’20 stays still as stone as she waits for the clay to come into focus. Sarah Villarreal ’17 let her know if she hit or missed the target after she shot. maddiemingo


Crushing Clays Anna Feldman ’20 and Sarah Villarreal ’17 exchange a fist pump while shooting. The two shot together during handicaps at practice. maddiemingo


Skeet Shooters From left to right: Tyra Carstens ’18, Elizabeth Krejci ’17, Sarah Villarreal ’17 and Samantha Tracy ’19. maddiemingo

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