Bees Are The Be(e)st

Column By J1 Reporter Lily Watkins

Bees are love.

Bees are life.

But seriously, bees are so much more than just cute little ladies that buzz around and scare kids.

They carry the entire ecosystem on their backs! They’re one of the world’s top pollinators, which means they play a pivotal role in food production. You couldn’t have even half of your dinner if their fuzzy little butts weren’t around. Without them, we wouldn’t have strawberries, watermelons, pumpkins—say goodbye to your pumpkin spice lattes—and many more. Aside from the produce, the plants themselves would suffer as well.

The fruit is the flesh that surrounds a seed. Without a flower being pollinated, the fruit is never created; the seeds never born. It’s no nine months, but seeds are probably more important than some squealing potato-shaped human anyway.

No flowers. No fruits. Hardly any plants at all.

Imagine an Earth devoid of plants. No forests, no fields. Without seeds being produced, plants cannot reproduce. This is the Earth we are sure to receive if the bee population keeps declining at such an alarming rate.

With plants unable to reproduce, herbivores would be soon to follow; this means that slews of livestock and wildlife would die out in a short period of time. With herbivores gone, carnivores along with omnivores (which humans are) would hastily follow their lead. The only land animals left would be scavengers, such as vultures. But once they had picked each cadaver clean, they would then be starved into extinction as well.

That’s dark, I know. But do you know how bleak life would be without bees? The only life left would be in the ocean. It would be Neo-Paleozoic; sponges and fish would again inherit the Earth.

So, to reiterate both a fact of life and the beginning of this column:

Bees are love.

Bees are life.

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