Mascot: Motivating Many Marian Girls

By J1 Reporter Cassidy Jorgensen

Standing at the back of the student section in the cold soccer stands, looking down at the lit up field, one thing catches the eye: the Marian Mascot. The enthused Crusader leads “Carry your Candle” for the fifth time, and she’s got the whole stadium captivated.

But what does it take to become this figure that is the epitome of school spirt? “Well, the varsity mascot chooses who will be the next junior mascot,” current varsity mascot, senior Lauren Novacek said. The junior mascot is a junior who spends a year in the shadow of the varsity mascot, before stepping into the role.

This year, that position belongs to junior Emma Raabe. “As junior mascot, I’m still there to get people pumped and excited, but I don’t lead the cheers executively yet,” Raabe said. “Also, if Lauren were to be gone, then I would take over as mascot at that particular event.”

Although it has its perks, being the mascot is not always smooth sailing. “At state volleyball, the security wouldn’t let me bring in Natasha (the horse on a stick),” Novacek said while laughing. “They told me I could take the head off and just bring that in.”

Varsity Mascot, Lauren Novacek leads a crowd of excited students into the Toga Night Varsity Volleyball Game on Sept. 13, 2016.                Photo by Amalea Poulos


The mascot doesn’t only have the special horse, she also carries a foam sword and wears a crusader costume.

The costume has only been around since 2014, when Fiona Kennedy’s (‘15) mom made it. Wearing it brings a lot of responsibility, and makes the girl a bit nervous to live up to the crowd’s expectations. “I’m a little nervous for next year because our student section is known around the state for being loud and fun, but I think it will still be awesome with me leading,” Raabe said.

When the atmosphere is right, the team is doing great, and the student section is hype, the whole experience of being a mascot is worth the energy.

“It is so rewarding to see all the classes come together for the same goal: cheering on their Marian sisters,” Novacek said.

Next time the words “peel the avocado” or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” are screamed at a game, look to the person who is starting it all– the mascot.

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