Servites and students bond at Ollie the Trolley event



Meaningful Conversations Sister Jackie Ryan askes Lauren Klingemann ‘18 how her junior year at Marian is going as finals and the end of the semester rapidly approach. sydneymonahan


See you later After the party Sister Angeline Hakel made her way around the room giving everyone a hug including Annabel Foley ‘19 and Carolyn Griffin ‘19. sydneymonahan


Reunited for the holidays Maria Gallegos ‘17 was surprised to see her old third grade teacher Sister Margaret Buchta at the Servite Connection Club Christmas party. They talked about old Saint Margaret Mary memories while making new ones. sydneymonahan


Getting in the Christmas spirit After a fun trip on Ollie the Trolley to see Christmas lights, Grace Nelson shares what she thinks the true meaning of Christmas is with Sister Caroline Turnovsky and Sr. Roselma Legault. sydneymonahan


Joyful Gathering The Sisters enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies with Servite Connection club members after seeing Christmas lights. The only thing they like more than cookies is spending time with Marian girls. sydneymonahan

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