State Cross Country



Pre-race embrace Before the race, Claire Janecek holds her arms open to embrace her teammate, Lauren Philips ’19. Janacek prepared to run in her final state race at Marian. nataliekemler


Super supporters Abigail McGill ’19, Carolyn Griffin ’19, Lauren Phillips ’19 and Anna Mikulicz ’18 show their support to the state runners with an encouraging sign. They also brought a cookie cake for their teammates who competed in state. nataliekemler


Anticipation Marian’s state cross country runners anxiously wait for their race to begin. Teammates shared words of encouragement while Katie Williams ‘17 stretched. nataliekemler


Sticking together Team members Brooke Wigdahl ‘20 (left) and Katherine Pelton ‘19 (right) run side by side during the state race. nataliekemler


Post-race embrace Kira Bravo ‘19 holds her arms open wide to share a hug with teammate Laura Tatten ‘17 who came to support the state runners. Bravo was an alternate at the state meet. nataliekemler

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