“One team. One dream. Coming together to shock the world”

By J1 Reporters Shannon McSweeney and Sofy Herrera

unnamedThe R3J3CT$ pose after a game on Jan. 24, 2016 Pictured (from top left): Tara Wanser, Mary Kate Garriott, Julia Manganaro, Rachel Weremy, Anna Mantini, Kaitlyn Baysa, Lauren Merfeld, Lauren Novacek, Sarah McMeen, Ana Hingorani and Sam Elkins. Photo by @R3J3CTZ.


Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Senior Rachel Weremy captured it. And thus, the R3J3CT$ were born.

Weremy started her recreational YMCA basketball team for one reason: to win. With this goal in mind, she recruited 10 of her closest Marian sisters.

Not only has this ragtag team of seniors survived, it has thrived. Since its birth in August 2015, the R3J3CT$ have met every Sunday in the fall and winter. They now have official jerseys (pictured) and multiple plays, such as “My House” and the ever-reliable “Stack.”

“This is all for fun, but it still requires hard work,” Weremy said. Sweat, blood, and fears were shed in the process of cultivating an all-star team.

With no official coach, fans of the team, mostly fellow seniors, volunteer to lead the team.

“We have a list of about 10 girls to be coach. We switch off every game,” senior Ana Hingorani said.

Why spend Sunday nights in a sweaty gym full of…males? Not just for the glory. The girls prefer their basketball scene to Marian’s competitive sports program.

“Marian sports are intense. I just wanted to have fun,” senior Julia Manganaro said.

“R3J3CT$ makes me feel more confident than Marian’s basketball team, because it isn’t very competitive,” Weremy said.

Because the playing field isn’t exactly competitive, the girls don’t let their (multiple) losses bring them down. That’s right, even though they have lost all but one game their two-year career, their spirits are still soaring.

The R3J3CT’$ biggest foe: the male species. They take on the large population of boy teams in the YMCA recreational league with no fear, but they end up losing nearly every game, due to the definite height disadvantage. Because of this, the R3J3CT$ have become a scrappy team.

“Ana pushed some guy into a wall one time,” Weremy said.

“He crumbled,” Hingorani said

Their ambition has pushed them to continue on despite these difficulties.

“The boys just make me angry,” Manganaro said. The rest of the team is unanimous in this sentiment.

The R3J3CT$ aren’t playing alone. They have a dedicated fan base of classmates who come to games dressed in different themes, such as blue-outs and Christmas.

With the winter season fast approaching, the team has grown even closer.

“We have sleepovers after our games sometimes,” Weremy said, “And at the end of our season last year, we celebrated by playing at the Creighton gym.”

With these slam dunk attitudes, the girls hope to conquer their next game and prove that not only do girls wanna have fun, they want to DESTROY THE MALE SPECIES. Just kidding, but they do want to do well. 

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