Students strut their stuff during spring play auditions


    There was a huge turnout for auditions to be apart of Marian’s spring rendition of Gone the Rainbow, Return the Dove directed and written by Michael McCandless. McCandless instructed students and gave them advice about how to best perform while leading their auditions. Students from Creighton Prep and Marian auditioned on Tuesday Jan. 11 results will be posted on Friday, Jan. 13.


Pre-audition jitters Students take one last minute look at their lines as they prepare for play auditions on Tuesday, Jan. 10. emilydoll


How does this sound? Students gather in the PAC lobby to run lines as they wait for their time in the spotlight. emilydoll


Looking for advice Junior Megan Rutten and Creighton Prep senior Caleb Myers share notes on their audition pieces. emilydoll


Say that again? Creighton Prep sophomore PJ Mooney runs through his lines in the PAC lobby. emilydoll

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