Students sell chocolate to support instrumental music


“Anybody want chocolate? One dollar, one dollar for a chocolate bar, I know you want one!” senior and trumpet player Beth Rouse shouts as she struts down sophomore hall.

Ever since Tuesday, Jan. 10, girls participating in Marian’s band and orchestra have turned into first class sales women, selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars for a dollar a piece.

“It’s a way to get extra funding, so I enjoy it,” senior and alto sax player Elizabeth Krejci said.

“Our number one priority is to pay for the band and orchestra tshirts, any money after that will go towards general program stuff like new music or band stands. Things to help the program to function better,” band teacher Mr. Niedbalski said.  


Making the sale Senior Beth Rouse sells a bar of chocolate to sophomore Zoe Zier. briannawessling

“It’s been fun because I get to see people I don’t usually see,” freshman and oboe player Kelly Williams said.

“It always seems to brighten people’s faces,” sophomore Samantha Blanchard said.

“We ordered fifty cases so we have 3,000 bars of chocolate to sell,” Nedbalski said.

The band and orchestra will be selling the chocolate until they’ve sold all 3,000 bars, or by Feb. 7. If you’re interested in supporting the instrumental music program or just really want to buy some chocolate, you can find any instrumental music student or go to room three in the PAC.

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