January MBeat Broadcasts

Marian 2017 Prom Announcement: The 2017 Prom Committee announces the theme, date, colors and location of Prom. They also announce the Prom Princess Candidates.

January 18 MBeat: The J1 team of Audrey, Cassidy, Sofy and Shannon bring you an abbreviated MBeat because of the ice/snow days. They include a
Marshmellow Candle Intro, Winter Formal details, Random Dancing Moments, Let’s Bake a Cake to conquer Snow Day boredom, Show Choir Promo, Audrey’s trip to the Phillipines and a mannequin challenge to come visit third floor hallway. Thanks for watching.

January 25 MBeat: The Journalism I M-Beat team of Anna, Maddie, Evelyn and Hayley bring you news of the week including the introduction of our new students, Catholic School’s Week Promo, the Omaha Women’s March, and a time lapse to re-live Winter Formal. Thanks for watching!


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