Universal pronunciation disagreement solved


Although it’s the third most spoken language in the world, English still has some universal disagreements among its speakers. The pronunciation of different words such as, “root,” “aunt” and “coupon” are among the arguments of English speakers. The worst part: there is no right or wrong answer. It’s completely up to the speaker to find arguments that defend why they think their way of saying the word is right.

I searched for answers, being passionate about the subject. According to dictionary.com, it is grammatically correct to pronounce “root” as “root” or “root.” Likewise, “aunt” can be said as “ant” or “ahnt.” The most common, differing pronunciation comes with the word “coupon.” It is listed that both “koo-pon” and “kyoo-pon” are correct. Convinced that the pronunciation is “kyoopon,” I decided to take a poll to see what was more popular among my Twitter followers. Within an hour, 97 people voted in my poll. Here are the results:


Nearly split, the results show that both pronunciations are commonly accepted. If you ever find yourself arguing the way a word is said, consider that there may be more than one way to say it. It all depends on your own diction and preference.

Vote for how you pronounce ‘coupon’ below!

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