Public forum gives citizens opportunity to express construction concerns


We all know that one street that always seems to be under construction. We avoid it at all costs and pray that someday it’ll finally be finished.


Ask away! Mr. Kurt Hassler, GBA, discusses construction details with a citizen. briannawessling

For many people, the stretch of 63rd street between Ames and Pratt was that street, not that we had any choice but to avoid it since the street was completely closed off.

On Thursday, Jan. 26, a public forum was held to discuss further construction set to continue later on this year. The construction is all a part of Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Project, a part of the Clean Solutions for Omaha (CSO!) Program that will improve water quality in the Papillion Creek and Missouri River.


Future plans This map shows the places in the area that will be under construction. briannawessling

Phase one of the project included construction on 63rd street, construction near 66th and Ames avenue and construction in Benson Park. The construction started in the late summer of 2015 and continued until the spring of 2016. Phase two of the project, which will cover parts of Spaulding street, 61st street, Maple street and 63rd street, is set to being in 2018.

A handful of citizens gathered to discuss concerns about how long the project would last and what effects that problem would have on driving, especially during the winter months when many roads are hard to navigate. Juniors Anna Mikulicz and Caitlin Wessling also attended the meeting.

“I thought that it was a good and important meeting to have so that everyone is aware of what will be being on and they take into consideration what we say and how it will affect us,” Wessling said.

“I thought it was very informative and nice how much the speakers cared about getting the community’s input,” Mikulicz

For more information about future construction go to

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