Get to know future journalists


Today after the 6th and 7th grade practice entrance exam, students were able to creatively explore one of the programs that Marian has to offer.  Eighteen budding young journalists picked a “Journalism Workshop” with journalism teacher, Mrs. Marsha Kalkowski and senior Network co-online Editor, Brianna Wessling.  Assisting them were juniors Audrey Yost, who also took photos, and Anna Mikulicz.

The young journalists learned what Marian’s journalism program was all about and saw a sample of the latest M-Beat broadcast, the latest print Network newspaper, the 2016 Crusader yearbook and the latest BURN literary magazines.  They learned some basics of reporting and interviewing and then conducted an interview with a new friend.  The girls turned their interview notes into a short biographical sketch ready for posting here.  Wessling worked her wordpress magic skills and before the girls left the room for their pizza lunch, the story was posted.

These young journalists have a future.


by future journalist India

Lauren is a girl who goes to Christ the King School. She loves lunch because you get to talk to your friends. She is really good at volleyball. Her team won their championship game. Her favorite season is Spring because her birthday is in April. A quality she looks f672017-31or in a friend is humor. In a dream world, in ten years she sees herself going to live by the beach. In high school she wants good food. One thing she is excited about for high school is a new school.



by future journalist Lauren

India is a girl who goes to Christ the King School.  Her favorite thing to do at school is eat lunch because she gets to talk.  She is go672017-33od at soccer and she won her tournament. Her favorite season is Winter because of Christmas.  In a friend she looks for humor and kindness.  In India’s dream world in 10 years she sees herself very very rich with a lot of dogs and living by the beach!  One thing she is excited for in high school is that she gets to use an IPAD and that she gets to go to an all girl school with no boys.

by future journalist Hannah

672017-17Elie goes to St. Pius and she
loves to play soccer, one of her most glorious moments was earning second place in a soccer tournament. Currently her favorite subject is English because they are writing a big paper. Ellie’s dreams are either to become a famous novelist or surgeon. She wants to go to school with her friends and maybe even meet a few new friends who are nice and athletic.   

by future journalist Elie

672017-15Hannah goes to St. Columbkille. Her favorite subject at school right now is science, because they’re about to start working on the science fair. Hannah loves track. Last year, Hannah got second place in a distance medley as the anchor. Hannah enjoys summer because she gets to go camping. Hannah likes friends that are funny, really nice, and athletic. In ten years her dream world she would see herself being a famous novelist. For high school, she looks for nice teachers and a good athletic program. Next year, as an eighth grader, she looks forward to leading the track team.

by future journalist Lucy

672017-37Jane goes to Saint Margaret Mary Catholic School. She said she loves her life at school because she is learning how to play the ukulele in music class. She told me that volleyball is something she is very passionate about, and she hopes to play it in high school. One of her favorite memories about volleyball is when she and her teammates won a tournament then did a gigantic dog-pile in the middle of the court. She laughed as she told me that one of her teammates even broke her nose! Her favorite season is summer. She loves to play beach volleyball during the warm summer months. Her favorite quality that she looks for in friends is having the ability to talk easily. In her dream world, she imagines herself studying at medical school in ten years. She’s looking for diversity and preparation for adult life as she searches for the right high school for her. One thing she is excited about for high school is getting to choose her own path and make her own important decisions.

by future journalist Jane
672017-35Lucy goes to Saint Margaret Mary Catholic School. She says she loves learning how to play new instruments, even though it “comes easy to her” because of her eight years of piano lessons. She is also very passionate about taking tennis lessons with her cousins. One of her fond memories includes her four years of tennis. She says her cousin meant to hit the ball, but instead her racket flew across the court! In high school, she is looking for a school with spirit! She would love to make new friends that are always there for her. Her favorite season has always been fall because of the fall fashion! Although Lucy enjoys both tennis and piano, she sees herself going in the medical field in 10 years to one day become a surgeon.

by future journalist Jessica

672017 - 19.jpgIsabelle goes to St.Pius. One thing she likes about her school is soccer. She loves playing soccer. A story about this is she went to Okoboji. Her favorite season is fall because she gets to play soccer and volleyball but she likes soccer the best.The qualities Isabelle in a friend are kindness and helpfulness. She sees herself in (ten years) going to college and learning to be a therapist.What she wants in a high school is good academics and friendly students and teachers. She is excited for high school because she wants to make new friends.   

by future journalist Isabelle

672017-21Jessica goes to St. Columbkille. One thing she likes about school right now is basketball, because it keeps her active in the winter. It is her favorite sport. She is really good at basketball, and just a few weeks ago she was in a tournament for basketball. She had a game or two every day. Her favorite season is winter, because she gets to go outside in the snow and build snowmen. Also she gets to play basketball in the winter. Some qualities she looks for in a friend are a positive and caring attitude. In ten years she dreams about herself going to college. What she is looking for in a high school is good academics and good friends. One thing that she is excited about in her next school year in high school is getting lockers.   

by future journalist Fiona

672017-44Ella is a 12-year-old who goes to Saint Robert’s and enjoys being in band and playing volleyball. She just came in second place at her last volleyball tournament. In band, Ella plays the flute. She enjoys spring because she gets to look forward to her birthday. Ella wants a friend who is just like her, funny and supportive. In ten years she would love to be showing her creativity by writing fiction books. She is very excited and looking forward to being confirmed next year. Ella wants to go to a welcoming high school that has her favorite thing, band. At school her favorite thing to do is go to band class.
by future journalist Ella

Fiona is a kind seventh grader at St. Pius. In school, at the moment, Fiona likes literature672017 - 46.jpg because she likes to read. She is a great soccer player, so great that she played in a championship at Okoboji that went into a shootout. Her team lost, but she is still such an amazing soccer player. In a friend, she looks for trustworthiness, funniness, and also kindness. Fiona’s favorite season is summer because she likes going to the pool and her birthday is in the summer. In ten years, Fiona sees herself studying in medical school, but also writing. Next school year, Fiona will be choosing a high school. There, she wants good academics, athletics, and for everyone to be nice to her. She is excited to take different classes in high school.

by future journalist Maggie

672017-41Emma goes to Buffet. She loves school because she gets to go to math every day. One thing she is passionate about is basketball. She is currently playing for the Marian Nets team. She is very happy because she won a tournament, and is looking forward to a tournament next weekend. Emma’s favorite season is winter because it is birthday time, so she can have nice, trusting, and responsible friends at her birthday party! In the dream world, she is already thinking about her jobs and finishing up college. Her dream job would be to able to play on a professional basketball team or be a physical therapist. What she wants in a high school is to have longer periods between different classes. She is also very excited to go to high school to have all girls and the Journalism Club!

by future journalist Emma

672017-39Maggie goes to St. Margaret Mary and likes learning in school. She is good at many sports including volleyball and swimming. Maggie played a volleyball game and thought the team lost, but luckily they won by one point! Fall is Maggie’s favorite season because she likes to go to haunted houses. If you want to be her friend, she expects trustworthy and loyal friends. In ten years Maggie wants to have a scholarship and have a job in the medical field. She also wants a bigger school and nice teachers so Marian would be a good choice of school. She also is excited for an all girls school high school!

by future journalist Gigi

672017-29Grace is a 12-year-old girl who goes to SPSL. One thing that she likes about school right now is the teachers, because they are super nice and they are willing to help you if you need it. One thing she is good at is caring for animals. She really likes caring for her dog, Harper, a German Shepard mix. Let me tell you how she got this talent. She said, “My love for animals just came to me. I like to volunteer at the Humane Society. I really care for them.” Grace’s favorite season is winter. She loves playing in the snow. I asked her what she looks for in a friend, and she said, “loyalty and kindness are the two main things.” In 10 years she sees herself being a vet, so she can keep caring for animals. One thing that she looks for in a high school is positivity. She is excited to go to high school to get into a new place.

by future journalist Grace

672017 - 27.jpgGigi is a great writer. She goes to Saint James. Her favorite subject is English. I know this because she says her favorite thing to do in school is write skits for English class.

She says she is good at writing, and I believe her! She is super good at writing and I’m sure could write a book as a mere sixth grader! Also, she said she loves writing skits and plays. Gigi said, “ I just like writing stuff down.” Her favorite season is fall/spring. Her favorite thing to go in fall and spring is go for a nice walk. In a friend she looks for a caring, loyal, kind person. In ten years, she sees herself writing the newspaper or even a book! She wants her future high school to have requirements to get in. Finally, she is excited to get into a new place.

by future journalist Hope

672017-48Sophia is girl who loves to write. She goes to Saint James Seton School. Her love of writing is helped when she goes to Literature with her favorite teacher, Mr. Myer. She says she loves writing because she gets to make up her own story and be in her own little world. The qualities she likes in a friend is someone who is loyal, humorous, and someone who can appreciate her weirdness. She stays hard at work in her studies and sets goals for her education. In 10 years she wants to be getting her Masters Degree in Literature so she can be a writer. She wants to be settled down and maybe even have some kids! But for now she is looking forward to high school because she can go to advanced classes and join more clubs. I’d say she has her future perfectly planned out. I hope that later in the future, that Sophia will be a great, powerful woman role model for little girls around the world.

by future journalist Sophia

672017-49Hope is a great and ambitious girl with good ideas and hopes for herself.  She goes to Saint James/Seton, like me, but we have never really gotten around to talking much.  One thing she likes about school is that she is coaching the student side of the students versus teachers volleyball team on Friday during Catholic Schools Week.  She is good at volleyball, which I can vouch for, and a funny story about this is that when she was playing a game against Saint Wenceslaus she slipped and fell under a table, but she had to call out to her teammates to keep playing because they were spending too much time watching her.  Her favorite season is spring because the weather is not too hot and not too cold.  Some qualities she looks for in a friend are trustworthiness,  good listening skills, and someone who can deal with boy problems.  In her dream world, ten years from now she sees herself having graduated college with a good job and, with some luck, a boyfriend.  Some things she wants in a high school are good friends, nice teachers, and good teaching methods.  One thing she is excited about in eighth grade is that she only has one more year until she gets to start a new chapter of her life.  I think that Hope will be a successful woman in our troubled society and will be remembered by all of the people who knew her as a hard-working, kind, and smart person.


by future journalist Johnna

672017-23Mia is a unique girl with some new expectations for many people. She attends St. Stephen the Martyr. Her favorite subject is Literature because: “My teacher is very interesting,” she said. She also enjoys instruments. She explained to me a crazy story when she sat on her piano and the sound was so loud, that it set off the alarms! This young and talented girl wants her friend to be ‘less feminine’ like other girls she knows. She also expects that a school should have a “good educational system, and teachers that accept irrational behavior,” she explained. Finally, this extraordinary girl is patiently waiting for next year
because “the teachers are told to be hilarious!”   Her favorite season is winter so she can stay inside all day! That is my fantastic interview with Mia!

by future journalist Mia
Johnna, student of St. Pius X, willingly accepts an interview request, explaining her 672017-26interest in the subject of English and drawing. Starting at a young age, she progressed from a simple artist and is continuing to strive in her work. Johnna also confirmed that she loved the season of summer, as it is lovely and warm. The young girl explains that she looks for honesty and kindness towards diversity in friends; rude people are not her type. When asked about what she wanted in a high school, she said, “nice, helpful teachers and a good education system.” Not only does this talented young lady show kindness, she also expresses cleverness, wit, and a slight fondness of second lunch helpings!

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  1. 6th and 7th graders who were part of this workshop, please let us know if there are any glaring mistakes! You were a joy to work with in our little session today. Thanks for being awesome! ❤ Mrs K and Brianna


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