Not all heroes wear capes, some only have keyboards, motivation


“Does anyone have a Quizlet for the test today?”

It’s a common question many Marian girls have grown accustomed to either hearing or asking. Ever since the decision was made to implement the 1-to-1 iPad Initiative in 2013, students have grown into using technology to enhance their learning environment. Through electronic editions of books, websites and apps, the iPad has helped to shape the way girls learn. Arguably one of the most commonly used apps takes center stage in conversations about tests: Quizlet.

As stated by the app’s website, “Quizlet is a place where everyone can share knowledge in any subject, at any level and gain confidence as a learner.” It’s an application that works basically as an electronic flash card system, which makes it a very useful study tool for students. As the amount of Quizlet users has increased at Marian, girls have figured out who the most reliable Quizlet creators are in their grade.

Lnova32. Kyliechampion. Lauratooley1. Maggie8399. Otherwise known as senior Lauren Novacek, junior Kylie Champion, sophomore Laura Tooley and freshman Maggie Timmerman.

These four girls have been named Quizlet royalty of Marian, based on 277 student responses from the January Network survey. A Quizlet queen requires ambition, dedication, time and a heartwarming desire to help out fellow classmates.


“I’m all about helping people in anyway I can,” Novacek said. “As seniors, we are so busy and so stressed that I like to just assist everyone a little bit. Seeing them happier makes me happier.”

“After I realized that other people were using my Quizlets, I saw how helpful they were to my classmates and how grateful they were to have them,” Champion said.

Making Quizlets can be time-consuming, but these girls know their time is well-appreciated by classmates.

“Whenever I get impatient or annoyed with making Quizlets, I remember the other people who may be depending on them and I get the job done,” Champion said.

For some, it can even be an enjoyable experience. “I like making them. It helps me remember the facts better by typing them all in,” Timmerman said.

Once the motivation is found and the study set is made, some people might feel the need to make their Quizlet private. Doing this ensures that study sets are only visible to the user. Because so much effort and time is put into making Quizlets, sometimes users will feel that they shouldn’t share their sets. A Quizlet queen, however, is generous with her study sets. She has the compassion to keep them visible to share with fellow classmates.

“I share my Quizlets with others because we are all on the same team trying to get good grades, and I think it’s important for everyone to get to use them,” Tooley said.

“You can mark my words: never will I ever make a Quizlet private,” Novacek said.

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