Dads and daughters bust a move at “Dancing With the Dads: Season 1”


On Jan. 30, dads of all different shapes and sizes convened at Il Palazzo on 132nd and Fort. While daughters mingled with friends, fathers clumped in groups and laughed over drinks and golf talk.

unnamed-1For the first time in years, Marian hosted a father-daughter dance. After its announcement in December, the event quickly gained popularity. Tickets were sold at $35 and included dinner and dancing. The final tally at the end of the night showed that there was a total of 221 attendees.

The night kicked off at 6 p.m. with a cocktail hour. Dinner was served at 7 with acoustic music. Afterwards, raffle prizes were distributed, ranging from gift cards, a spa day, and a high-tech watch. The rest of the night was dancing to a mix of new music and quite a few “oldies.” The DJ was widespread in his choice of music, reaching every generation there.

This tradition excited many as Marian does not offer very many opportunities for father-daughter bonding. Some even wished that they would have started “Dancing With the Dads” years ago.

It was my dream when Beth entered Marian to have 4 years of dances like this. Better late than never!” Tom Rouse, father of senior Beth Rouse  said. “I would do it again, but Beth is a senior, and I think [Marian] might have rules about having to have a daughter to go. I might try to get Beth’s mom to take me out instead.”

The daughters had a great time as well, clumping together in duos with their dads like they would at any other dance.

unnamed“My favorite part of the entire night was being able to hang out with my friends and their dads because it is rare that we all see each other, especially with our dads,” senior Beth Rouse said.

At one point during the night, all tables were empty as father-daughter duos crowded the dance floor to show off some moves. Amidst jumping, shimmying, and even a few people doing the worm, laughter and smiles took over the faces of fathers and daughters alike.

“My dad did the worm… It was a very wild night for him,” Beth Rouse said

I think it’s nice that people think I did the Worm, but really I was trying to rest and had trouble getting back up,” Tom added.

The night of bonding, laughing and dancing was good for fathers and daughters alike. Especially the dancing.



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