online column by laurenmayer

There is a disease floating around Marian High School. I have it and you will have it if you don’t have it already. You may start to notice symptoms when you begin to do homework exclusively the day it’s due and start arriving a little later to school and class. Some get it as early as junior year but for most it hits as soon as you complete your first semester finals. That’s right…it’s senioritis.

photo-on-2-9-17-at-12-02-pm-2The word “senioritis” combines both “senior” and “-itis.” The word “senior” related to elders or respected people. While “-itis” is associated with the words illness and sickness. Put the two together and it’s a sick old person. In this case old person applies to a senior in high school.

Once you catch senioritis, you won’t be able to shake it off ’til graduation. Then again, you won’t have the energy to even try. Every teacher will start to notice grades decreasing as fast as high school went by. They’ll lecture you and every senior in the room, but senioritis gives you selective hearing which means you only hear things you want to hear. No one wants to hear someone tell you how much one assignment will affect their life.

When I was a freshman, I believed that senioritis wasn’t real and that I’d be forever determined to ace every class in school. Sophomore year rolled around and with a year under my belt I was still very studious. Once I entered my junior year, I became the most studious I had ever been because colleges were watching. Basically, I used up the rest of my school skills during junior year and now there isn’t enough for senior year.
Don’t get me wrong, I do my homework and study for the occasional test. But now, the thought isn’t there and the effort I put in has significantly dropped since freshman year. Yes, parents will be a little confused in the sudden fluctuation of grades, but once they walk in on you watching Netflix in your sweats eating Cheetos, they’ll know exactly what’s going on.

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