Students enjoy February’s record-breaking weather

image1-1Many seniors took advantage of 75 degree weather on Tuesday, Feb. 21 by spending their lunch period outside.

Servant of Mary, Sr. Lucille Beaulieu took her regular campus walk at lunchtime and encouraged the girls to take a photo to remember the moment.  “It hasn’t happened in many many years that you could have had your lunch outside on a mid-February day,” she said.

Students had a bit of Spring Break weather early because they were out of school on Friday, Feb. 17 for a reward day from bringing in a record-breaking number of peanut butter and jelly donations for Operation Others last fall.  The high temperature in Omaha on Friday was 75 degrees.  The high on Saturday was 68; Sunday’s high was 72; Monday’s high was a little cooler, 64; and Tuesday topped out at 75 near 4 p.m. when school was dismissed.

According to, a website with historic temperature averages, the average high in February for Omaha is 38 degrees.  The record high for any day in February was back in 1972, when it reached 78 degrees.  But, the record for Feb. 21 in history was broken this year by beating that specific day by at least three degrees.

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